Bonaventure, the agency on a mission for good.

Bonaventure is a boutique communication, brand content and event agency bringing together social responsibility, creativity and efficacy.


Bonaventure guides and accompanies brands and organizations towards a more sustainable yet high-performance communication. Accessibility, sustainability, diversity and inclusion… We produce the communication tools that bring your engagements to life and allow you to accelerate change, without ever having to compromise on your brand’s DNA or its performance.

We are here to :

  • Enhance your existing social and environmental engagements (through goal-oriented internal and external communication campaigns)
  • Shape and produce new actions for your organization (disability awareness and environmental protection programs…)
  • Transition your communication tools towards a ‘greener’ and more sustainable version of themselves (events, websites, annual reports…)

Bonaventure gives 1% of its revenue back to 1% for the Planet in order to support and finance charities acting for the preservation of the environment.



Brand strategy & visual identity
Digital communication
Public relations


Websites & digital content
Videos & podcasts


Branding & storytelling


L’Oréal for the future

Conception & production of a sustainable retail corner (year-long conference)

Handiamo - Ensemble

Conception and production of a social & sports event

Yoga Connect

Public relations

Circle Sportswear

Public relations


Brand strategy
Visual identity

Apollo Sporting Club

Digital and event communication


Brand strategy

L’Oréal - Green shots

Internal communication campaign
Visual identity

Arnaud Assoumani

Communication strategy & social media

Circle Recycle 21

Recycling awareness campaign

Awa Body Studio

Brand platform

Lifetime Projects

( pro bono )

Communication strategy Brochure (in kind)

From Toronto to Paris through London; Marie and Marlène’s professional journey in all sides of the business (agency, client and media) gave them the opportunity to bring many projects to life for brands like Absolut Vodka, Agence de la biomédecine, Audi, Chanel, ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar, Jagermeister, Johnson&Johnson, Institut de la Vision, Musée de la Grande Guerre, National Army Museum, Rémy Martin, Sanofi, Santé Publique France, Sir John Soane’s Museum…


Marlène Bertranine


15-year experience in brand strategy and communication

After 10 years in an advertising agency in Paris working on key accounts and mutil-awarded campaigns, Marlène moved to London for 3 years to consult and advise several British start-ups and cultural institutions on their communication. She then joined the Rmn-Grand Palais in Paris to oversee communication and partnerships for several museums. Driven by entrepreneurship and keen to act with greater purpose, Marlène co-founded Bonaventure with the intimate conviction that social responsability and performance can go a really long way.

Where to find Marlène ? In museum, in a rugby stadium, around a bookstore (and most likely in a local food deli shop).

Marie Cazaux


20-year proven track record in brand management & event production in France and overseas

After 13 years in Toronto managing brands, Marie came back to Paris and joined the agency world (Publicis wellness) where she lead events communication. Three years later, Marie moved to London to head the luxury events of Hearst Media (ELLE, Harper’s Bazaar…), role for which she won a national award the same year. Keen to explore her inner entrepreneur and work on projects that matter, Marie co-founds Bonaventure in 2019 to put her expertise at the service of her engagements.

Where to find Marie ? At a live music festival, on her mat in a yoga studio, on a traveling forum (and most certainly in an animal shelter helping out).


Jean and Juliette Bonaventure / 1940

Bonaventure was founded by Marie Cazaux and Marlène Bertranine in 2019. The story however goes back to a magical encounter in the spring of 1940 between Jean, compagnon du devoir, and Juliette, bubbly young lady from Toulouse. They soon became Mr. and Mrs. Bonaventure and founded a proud family that today counts 4 generations. Marie and Marlène are third generation Bonaventure through their mothers : Jean and Juliette are their grandparents.

From Jean Bonaventure, carpenter, they took on his taste for structure and the belief that nothing can last without strong and solid foundations, so to welcome the most innovative projects.

From Juliette Bonaventure, market gardener, they kept the drive to nurture and grow those projects, to feed each idea with creativity and attention to detail so it can bear its best fruits.

Marie and Marlène / 2019
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